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Policy and legal sphere of hacking

Posted On: 2016-03-14 | Total Views: 125

Hacking is a deep level of programming and a very rare skill in information technology or computer engineering. Unfortunately there is little or less recognition about this topic. From FBI to Russian espionage troops all use hacking as part of national security services. India hacked the formula of nuclear technology from the West. USA was listening to 180,000 phones in France. Pentagon invited hackers worldwide to attack its new system. So the world in one way requires and recognizes hacking skill. On a personal level, hackers retrieve your passwords of social medium like Facebook or an email. A Turkish girl was saved from cyber-bullies by hackers. A wife in California hired hackers to catch her billionaire husband cheating. The state uses hacking, individuals resort to hacking for life-emergency necessities and now let me remind you that several social movements for fairness is based on information hacking. Wikileaks, Anonymous and the Red Army all use hacking. So is it illegal? There is no short answer to that question. If you donít want to read the piles of acts of information policy in USA and EU commission, just know that legality lies on the use of hacking. Any malicious use of hacking is not right and not legal. Information privacy is in focus lately after the Apple-FBI incident. But look at the other side, a hacker in hackerslist.co hacked a messenger application of a teen to the request of his father. The teen was saved from drugs. Yes, it is privacy intrusion but it saved a life. Some talk about ethical hacking. You will also hear about black or what hat hackers. White hat or ethical hackers are those who hack for good cause, not to gain any commercial benefit. Ethical hacking is legal and taught in schools and training centers. But nonetheless, it is hacking. So it goes back to my earlier saying that it all depends on how you use it. Elena Hall Ethical hacker, Hackerslist.co

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