How it Works

1. Sign Up on home page.Choose if you are looking for a hacker or you are a hacker. It is free to sign up.

2. Log in by entering your user name and password.

3. (a) If you are looking for hackers: you can search, choose and contact hackers by email. Site admin may assign a verified hacker to you if available. You may also post a project and hackers will bid in your project.

3. (b) If you are a hacker, click bid project from the top menu.

4. The hacker completes your job. Then follow the payment process

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What are the users saying?

  • "Finally my partner is caught cheating. I will employ this hacker again (he is my private detective)" - anny1011
  • "This one hacker guy hacked back my gmail account from my ex-boyfriend. He gave me few tips too on How to keep my account secure." - beijing123
  • "Another hacker site couldn't do it and I thought it's impossible but ussr04 from your site did it. Grateful." - oscarXL
  • "This site and hacker pepsi saved my daughter's life. We found the information from the culprit's FB account" - YUM:p

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